Jul 212011

SEO, Privacy, Encryption, Redirect, Invest and Affiliate Link Cloak-er of URL inside your posts. Build in between page with delay sometime to show your ADs before directing visitors to targeted page.



  • Make long ugly affiliate links turn into short “hijack proof” url’s that any one can remember
  • Improve your SEO by hide out-links from your posts
  • URL Encryption
  • Automatically process Redirect of URLs
  • Showing your own ADs before directing visitors to targeted page
  • Retain page-rank of your site by giving links out parameter that makes Googlebot think it was looking at a session id link and ignore it
  • Anonymity links to prevent your site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer
  • Process both pages and posts


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  3 Responses to “URL Cloaker for WordPress”


    Does your plugin mask the link that shows up in the address bar when a visitor clicks onto one of my affiliate links? I don’t want visitors to see my affiliate account information. If not, can you recommend something?


    Hi Jane
    I have the same question …
    Did you manage to find a solution?
    I would like to hear from you.


    can i redirect my links to custom url with this plugines ?

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