Apr 242014

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2014.04.24 [ | ] GOLD maintains a bid tone for now. Break above (1288.96) may trigger further recovery of the GOLD. Going bellow latest swing low at (1276.84), however, would confirm continuation of the bearish trend, towards next objective downwards (1261.96). Shorting GOLD is advisable for today.

Market Snaphoot 1 Market Snapshots

Moving Avg.

Reversal Prob. Oscillator Candle Harmonic
1288.86 1296.19 1304.30 1318.70 1329.67
1276.84 1271.86 1266.91 1261.96 1257.01
Hourly Alerts
MACD Turning Bullish 10 hours ago GOLD MACD (12, 26, 9) histogram turned from bearish to bullish. This should empower the instrument`s bullish technical short term outlook.
MACD Bullish Turning Point 11 hours ago GOLD MACD signal line has crossed above the indicator`s histogram while both of them, MACD and histogram, been less than Zero. This is a probable bullish short term turning point.
MA Penetrated 11 hours ago GOLD has closed above 100 SMA. This should empower bullish short term technical outlook.
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    will gold go down or up now according to ur saying it has crossed today limit 1358


    Hallo Sir, i’m one of your fan regularly to read your review every day.. and is help me on trade.

    I see since last week your rarely to update your view.. Please come back to update every day again… thank


    Hello sir, any update pls?


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    Dear sir

    Pls update every hou about gold, pound, eur,aud.


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