Jun 282013

This section would help traders to visualize current market price different behaviors while trading at important support or resistance levels. Market snapshot is updated on hourly basis. It is simply a print screen of instrument’s hourly chart.

How this is can be Useful for My Trades?

As old men said (A Picture is worth a Thousand Words). Despite the simplicity of this section, but it plays a very vital role in clarifying the full market actions and reactions for traders. So, traders will be able to see with their own eyes the price reversals, bounces, and/or breakouts for a given important price level.

As we mentioned on our “Important Price Levels” section (Support/Resistance point is not a place from where it will for sure bounce/reverse back, it’s only the higher probability that it will bounce/reverse back.). You need to wait for the bounce/reversal confirmation before jumping directly into the market. And this is can only be done by letting traders visualize market price reactions with given price level.

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