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Many things can help you to choose appropriate system:


So many strategies are available in our Experts. You can choose the Expert as you prefer some strategy to work with. For some strategies’ examples: Trend Reversal, Range Trading, Pivot etc. You will fine the prober Expert here for your favorite strategy.

Trading flow:
Depending on your preferences for Risk/Return levels, we have a separate Expert for each Trading flow.

Trading Scale:
Our Experts provide Long-term, Medium-term, Short-term and Intra-day trading scales. Some of our Experts are trading with more than one scale at the same time. For example “One Trend System” perform Medium-term and Short-term together.

Risk Management:
Most of our Experts work with 10% risk of Capital. This is the typical way to trade but some traders prefer the way of “Hi risk hi return”, for those we did a special Experts to work with Hi risk as much as trader decide.

The most significant factor to choose the appropriate system is your Capital size. As much as Capital size bigger you expand your choices of Experts. For Example, accounts with $25K you can run 5 Experts at the same time with deferent strategies. But $5K accounts can only use one Expert to run.

If you do not know what to choose Ask us we will help you out

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