Jan 102012


GBPUSD: Having halted its nearer term recovery at 1.5239, which started from its 2010 low at 1.1875 to close lower the past week, further extension of that weakness is presently seen targeting the 1.4872 level, its July 01’10 low. A firm violation of there will push the pair further lower towards the 1.4768 level, its Jun 02’10 high. We expect a reversal of roles to occur at this level thus turning GBP back up again. Conversely, to reverse its present weakness, a violation of its July 08’10 high at 1.5239 will have to occur to create scope for more upside towards its falling trendline presently located at the 1.5311 level. This level is expected to present a considerable resistance on an initial test and turn the pair back down. However, on further gains beyond that level, strength should build up towards its psycho level at 1.5400 and then its April 15’10 high at 1.5521. Overall, though presently undergoing correction, as long as the pair holds above the 1.4768 level, its nearer term uptrend triggered from the 1.1875 level remains valid.


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    GBP/USD is such a crazy pair that it can change any time so I will never bet on it that the corrections are anything to be really looking at. It can face any time so it’s very important we don’t put everything on the line because if we do then we could really lose up badly. I am trading with OctaFX broker and I just follow their analysis because it’s provided by highly qualified experts which treat us like families so following such service is amazing!

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