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Absolutely free Forex Signals for many pairs. Signals are well-tested for long time before. Our mission is to make your trading success, with tied S/L and wide T/P. The way we provide Signals are very easy to follow.

Running trades will be listed for FREE to monitor and trade the same. –>


We could help you more..!

Yes, we offer our members to trade on account automatically. We will place trades on your account once it fires in our back-office!


This service is not for high risk traders who expect a high return every month!

This service is for traders who are looking for a steady return long-term investment who have self-discipline with proper lots sizing and following my trading signals!


First WIN… Then Pay…Fair enough

This service is fully automated and does not require your intervention. You just need to sign up for our service  and our trade copier will take over the trading, you don’t need to run your computer all the day or worry about miss a trade! ALL %100 AUTO. You just relax and watch your account grow.

How does it work

  1. Choose Broker
    We trade 4 pairs AUD/NZD, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF and CAD/CHF You have to make sure that your broker have those pairs, and the spread not more than 4 pips. Listed below a list of brokers we think they are suitable for out strategy
  2. Subscribe 
    Subscribe to the service (30 days free trial) Then pay only $99 per month.


 Brokers Spread comparison AUD/NZD GBP/CAD GBP/CHF CAD/CHF
AAAFx 3.6 2.8 3.3 2.8
Exness ECN 1.8 0.9 1 1.5
FinF 1.8 2.2 2.2 1.8
FXCM 3.7 3.8 4.2 3.5
FXOpen ECN 0.6 1.3 1.3 0.9
IC Markets 1.7 2.1 0.7 1.4
Pepperstone Edge 2.5 1.8 2 1.3
RoboForex ECN 1.8 2.1 2 1.2
ThinkForex 1.3 1.9 2 1.8
Admiral Markets 2 6 2.2 5


Service in bullets 

  • Fair deal: We believe that this deal is fair to both of us. and If it happens that the result of a trades became in the Draw-down area, your initial subscription fee will stand and you are not going to be invoice until a 200 pips profit is made. based on a high watermark, that’s mean that you won’t pay if you don’t make money, and you won’t pay for the pips we will make for you until you recover your loss.

  • Risk management: We recommend to don’t trade more than 0.1 lot per $1000 and we recommend also a minimum of $5000 so it will be worth it for you. You can expect a max DD of %15 if you traded 0.1 lot per $1000 and a gain between %20-40/month. The maximum draw-down period is 20 days.

  • Max open trades in the same time is one position/pair, and not more than 3 live positions.

  • Fully automated system. Sign-up and set back to watch your account grow.


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 Statistical Analysis

Analysis goal

This is the statistical analysis based on 3 years %99 Quality BackTest. We started the test since 2010 because some pairs have no data before 2010 and we wanted to mix the 4 pairs together. Our goal with this analysis is:

  • To understand how System works
  • To understand the losing periods and the winning periods, and know how to deal with both.
  • To understand how to decide if a losing period is just a temporary drawdown or if our system has lost its edge and must be stopped.
  • To understand how to configure the risk.
  • To know what to expect in terms of return and risk.


Basic statistics extracted from the back-test

Basic statistical information extracted from our system back-test:



  • Average annual return: Represents the return rate that our system averaged in all 3 years a return rate of 991.71% every year.
  • Maximum drawdown %: Represents the deepest loosing period that our system had during the entire test. To achieve the Average Annual Return of 991.71%, it had to keep trading during loosing periods of -13.45%.
  • Maximum drawdown period in days: It’s only 17 days until the system can recover all the loss and reach a new high equity mark.
  • AAR / Maximum drawdown ratio: Represents the overall quality of a system. Shows how much risk the system took to achieve the Average Annual Return. This value can be used to compare the quality between different systems.

More basic statistics

First we have the main ratios that are used by the industry to compare the quality of trading systems. I am putting them here to be able to compare with other systems


Below you can see some more interesting statistical information about our system:



  • First, you can see that the Overall reward to risk ratio is very good. As we saw in the backtest, the average size of winning trades almost 33 times the size of losing trades. This is amazing as it help to recover from drawdown periods very quickly.
  • The Win to loss ratio is 82%. That means that the wining trades are much more than the losing trades. This mean the system don’t rush to enter any trade and it’s very careful with entry in a smart way.
  • The Profit factor is the profit generated by profitable trades divided by the losses generated by losing trades. In essence it represent the money made on winning trades compared to the money lost in loosing trades. The higher, the better. And we see, it’s impressive!
  • Our system shows a very stable behavior in terms of monthly profit. It has faced winning strikes of up to 33 consecutive months.


Balance curve


Here you can see the logarithmic balance curve from 2010/02/16 to 2012/11/30 of the 4 pairs that our system trade (the linear balance curve for the 4 pairs is the one shown in Red). A logarithmic equity curve is not constant in the Y axis, but logarithmic. It has the ability to see the draw-down periods better hiding the effect of money compounding.
Looking at the equity curve you see that there are dips and losing periods. In the curve they might be very small because we had only 1 losing month in the past, but remember that there can be two consecutive losing months or more in the future.
No one can predict what will be the market conditions in the future. The only thing we can do is to test our strategy on as much different market conditions as possible. The fact that our system is able to make money even in the first years of the back-test for some pairs where the volatility was low and the pairs was so different than it is now.


Draw-down analysis

This is the most important section of the analysis in our opinion. It is essential to understand the drawdown periods of our system if you wish to make money trading it.
Here is the drawdown periods sorted by length of our system from 2010/02/16 to 2012/11/30


On this chart we can immediately see that we had only one month in those 3 years, even so in that month we lost only %1.75, that’s more than awesome!


Before you subscribe to your service, be sure you understand this page and this whole document about how our system works. Do not hesitate to ask us whatever you don’t understand.

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    This is cool. Hope it works


    hi partner .. can you provide investor password to make tests on different brokers and with different MM settings .. your lot size is huge not acceptable for any live account


      Hi ctzulu,
      This account is Micro type. So 1 lot here is like 0.1 on normal account.
      WE are working with 10% risk as normal.
      For investor password we do not provide right now, but you can monitor everything on the fxbook site just click on above chart to get to details.


    please send me some free trial signals

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