Feb 112011

We provide “Daily technical outlook” generator system for webmasters and brokers want to provide these trading studies to there clients .

  • Market technical analyses.
  • Generate daily reports.
  • Generate hourly update with chart snapshot.
  • Publish all outputs to your website.
  • Send Alerts to (emails, SMS or Skype).
  • Everything is fully automated.

We set up your logo and watermark in reports

To try our live report use this code on your website:

4XEagleEye Profile

Or use this for compacted new style:

  3 Responses to “Daily reports generator”


    How to you get it to show anything other than EUR/USD?


    This looks incredible as I can’t start my day unless I am fully sure as what is going to happen and all the analysis, news and updates keep me updated so to have it like this is just dream like. I am currently trading with OctaFX broker, it has free analysis that is provided daily and is on all major currency pairs and it is really deadly accurate so we can enjoy getting profits and don’t even need to pay a penny.



    All your widgets and scirpts/codes for the daily or hourly updates, are all nor working properly one way or the other. This issue has been ongoing for some time and the latest date as shown above is July 15???

    Would appreciate your utmost attention to fix any issues to ensure all your widget plugin, javascript codes and iframe codes are valid and working properly to display the current live report. As our site is hosting your daily.hourly update report, it would be beneficial to all including yourself, to resolve/fix any issues asap.

    Hope this well-intended feedback, would be appreciated and prompt your immdidate attention.

    Thank you

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