Jun 062011

If you have a winning strategy, we can realize your dream. We will make your hand strategy as a system fully automated and act exactly as you trade, sometimes better. The system will be your own and you have the full rights to keep it just for you. Contact us for details.

Custom EA $999.00
Custom EA mini $699.00
Custom EA 1day $399.00
Current EA Mod $199.00
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    This is simply amazing to use but the only thing that I am not too happy about this is that it’s bit too high price so any ordinary trader especially like me won’t be able to afford it. I have around 300 USD investments on my account with OctaFX broker and even out of that 100 USD is from the bonus that they gave with their 50% bonus scheme so how will I afford such expensive system from here no matter how good it is.

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