Mar 242013
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BNRY is a binary option trading platform. Binary options – also known as digital options or fixed return options – are becoming more and more popular in our days all over the world. Investors highly consider binary options in periods of market instability. Known-in-advance return, wide range of expiry time-points as well as no liquidity or execution issues are significant advantages of binary options.

One thing you will notice quickly about BNRY’s website is that it is sleek and very appealing. Everything you need to begin binary options trading can be found from the website’s landing page. You can open an account and get a nice welcome bonus, you can chat live with a BNRY representative or you can start trading binary options – all from the homepage.

BNRY offers 64 different assets to trade including blue chip stocks from around the world, eight major currency pairs as well as U.S. Dollar crosses against the South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Russian Ruble, Egyptian Pound, Singapore Dollar and Brazilian Real. Commodities include the big three – gold, silver and oil – but also wheat, sugar, coffee and platinum. Binary options trading of indices can be done on Wall Street’s most popular but also major indices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The BNRY Academy is one of the best places to learn about Binary Option Trading in the Web. You can find Video lessons, A free E-book and Daily updates on the market. The thorough guidance BNRY offers is perfect for beginner traders who wants to get into the world of trading as well as experienced traders.

BNRY’s traders will be happy to show you around the platform, explain basic trading strategies and guide you through your first steps in the Binary options world.

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